Meet Our Winemaker

The young and ambitious Joshua van Blommestein Joshua has been newly appointed as Manley’s winemaker.

He is still relatively new to the industry as has done four harvests in the wine industry of which two years were at the Saronsberg cellar. “Working as an assistant to Dewaldt Heyns taught me a lot more than one can learn from books.” In the time he was at Saronsberg he was taught the importance of attention to detail and never neglecting even the smallest thing.

Joshua brings with him a passion for wine and the winemaking process and he believes that the art of indulging in the process of winemaking can change anyone’s view on great wine. “I put my heart and soul into each bottle just to see people ponder into the art and beauty of what we call wine.”

The love he has for vines is immense because without grapes there is no wine. “The process of my winemaking starts in the vines.” He spends more hours in the vines than anywhere else on the farm.

Joshua studied at Elsenburg College where he obtained a degree in Oenology and Viticulture.

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